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Getting Started

Once you decide to take this 40-day journey and become a member, the following information will help set your expectations about this vision-quest toward spiritual renewal:

40 days is used in the Bible to represent a season of testing and refinement. It is not easy to press forward and remain consistent every day for nearly six weeks. Not everyone will complete the vision-quest. Decide ahead of time that you will be one who crosses the finish line.

  • Commit yourself to this journey for 40 days.

  • Complete one assignment every day.

  • Don’t lag behind. Don’t sprint ahead.

  • Each day’s assignment is substantial and is worthy of your attention.

  • Count on spending thirty minutes to an hour each day to complete the assignment.

The process of disentangling requires a careful examination of the interior life under the light of the Holy Spirit. TempleWork is designed to facilitate this process.

There is great advantage to taking this journey with others. Each participant works alone, but there is a wonderful synergy of learning and accountability if small groups or entire churches travel through this experience at the same time. 

TempleWork is designed to begin on a Sunday evening and culminates on the evening of Day 36 when all those participating will gather for a Dedication Service. Our church had over one hundred participants who took this private pilgrimage at the same time. On the Dedication Evening, we all gathered together to burn our past failures and declare our prophetic destinies. All of the confession and discovery of the previous five weeks was set before the Lord during this service. 

My suggestion is that you have a conversation with your Pastor, or your home group Leader, or your ministry team leader about TempleWork. Ask them to consider having the whole group committing to this 40 day journey.

When I was a young boy, I remember reading a little pamphlet (written by Robert B. Munger) entitled “My Heart, Christ’s Home.” This very simple but profound story caused me, as a twelve-year old, to think about holiness (living in such a way as to please the Lord). I am indebted to this work and believe it provided inspiration for what I offer in the pages of TempleWork.

- Robert S. Miller

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