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Imagine embarking on a vision-quest (much like Traveler). You’ve been in the mountains for a number of days already. After climbing for a couple of hours, you reach a broad, wooded ridge and are refreshed by the peaceful surroundings. Suddenly, you raise your eyes and behold an incredible sight: about one hundred yards away stands a large building covered with vines and weeds. Your first thought is that, at one time, this building was a sacred and beautiful Temple. But now, in its broken-down condition, it has become a mere shadow of its former glory.

The Outer Court is full of trash, the gardens are over-grown, and the exterior of the building is in need of repair. As you walk inside, you find yourself in a long hallway with several rooms on each side. It is obvious that the space was once quite lovely, but it has been unattended for years. Some vandalism has taken place. Some of the doors have been removed and windows have been broken. At the end of the hallway, you enter the central room of the Temple: a Sanctuary which is also in disrepair. You are surprised to find a natural spring directly beneath the Altar in the middle of the room. How lovely this fresh spring must have been at one time. But now it is blocked with trash and dirt.

You exit the Temple and decide to set up camp a few hundred feet away. As you are setting up your tent, you sense that the Lord is speaking to you about this special place. You believe you are to spend some time exploring each room of this building and that this is a prophetic key for your vision-quest. As you continue praying over this, a wild thought invades your mind. You begin to believe that the Lord Himself is calling you to help Him bring renewal to this Temple (Is.58:12). Specifically, He wants you to spend time with Him for the next forty days in this work of renovation. The Lord promises to provide all the tools needed for the work. He is the chief architect and general contractor for this project. There is much to be done: removing the trash, restoring the doors and the locks, establishing the boundaries, repairing broken things, restoring the glory of the Temple. Jesus is commissioning you to partner with Him in this sacred task.

Suddenly, a revelation fills your mind: This Temple is you (1 Cor.6:19-20)! The Outer Court is your physical body and your connection to the world. The interior rooms are various domains of your life, furnished with memories, vows, dreams, emotions and thoughts. The Sanctuary is your heart—the very center of your identity—and the place where the Holy Spirit communes with you.


This morning, return to the Family Room with Jesus leading you. Do you see how compassionate He is toward you? He recognizes your vulnerability in this place and He is able to give you the strength you need to find resolution and healing here.

As you pass by the mirror which hangs over the fireplace mantle, you catch a glimpse of your reflection and it puzzles you. For a brief moment, you look like you are twelve years old again.

After a time, you turn your attention to the display near the wall to your right (opposite the fireplace). To your amazement, life-sized statues of each member of your family of origin stand before you. Each statue is frozen in a particular position (a prophetic caricature if you will). There is a name plate, and beneath the full name is a list of the person’s most dominant characteristics. As you examine each statue, you have the sense that this is a significant moment of discovery and you begin writing what you see in your journal for future reflection.

The last statue is different from all the others as it is veiled with black fabric. As you pull the covering off the sculpture, you come face to face with your own caricature! “Of all the possibilities, why am I portrayed in this specific way?” You stare at the list of your characteristics. Some of these make sense to you; others catch you off guard. You stare at your statue. “Is this what I perceive myself to be within my family system? Or is this the way I really am?”


Instead of feeling drained after yesterday’s life-altering experience, you are refreshed and full of energy. As you leave your campsite and walk through the Outer Gate, the only thought in your mind is the compassionate High Priest and the deep love within His eyes. You enter the Sanctuary and light the Lantern. To your surprise, the tornado, the sentries and the dancers are not present (at least they remain unseen to you in this revelation). The Holy Spirit whispers, “The Creator God is not given to repetition. Every sunrise is original and unique. Every child that is born to the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve is unique. I am unchanging. My character is unchanging. My Word is unchanging. But My work is ever changing. Every act of creation, every act of healing, every revelation and manifestation has the DNA of the Kingdom and the signature of the Father of Lights—but each is unique.”

Your eyes behold a single ray of light pouring down from the skylight and shining on the cross. The shadow of the cross falls directly on the Altar (like “x” marks the spot) and beckons you to approach. You take your place on the Altar, in the shadow of His mercy, and are consumed by His grace and peace.

As you rest on the Altar, you have the thought of taking the Lanternto every room and catching a glimpse of the spiritual activity all around you. The Spirit whispers, “Do as you will, but remember, the Lantern only reveals what is happening. Seeing is not enough. You must release the River in order to bring about change!”

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